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Exciting Game Show Action Turns Family Fun Into Fantastic Profits For Your Group, Organization Or Special Cause

Frustrated With The Same Old Fundraisers?


  • Generate Maximum Profits For Your Next Fundraising Event!
  • The Ultimate Fundraisers For School, Sports And Community Groups
  • Great Family & Community Events
  • Generate Awareness & Fantastic Profits For Your Fundraising Group
  • National Quality Headlining Stage Performances
  • Multiple Streams Of Profit Opportunity
  • No Products, Inventory, Or Distribution
  • The Completely Safe & Fun Fundraiser

Our many years of experience of being directly involved in working with schools, sports organizations, community groups, associations, churches and others has allowed us to understand the importance of the necessary and crucial elements to successful Fundraisers, and the challenges that incur to produce a profitable Fundraiser.

We understand your desire to raise profits through new, unique and creative ways separating yourselves from the same typical type of Fundraisers.
Our custom Fundraising programs create community spirit and family fun, while avoiding many of the common problem areas in Fundraising including inventory, money collection, accounting, and direct student selling. Our programs can be tailored and customized to fit your exact needs.

Why Entertainment Event Fundraisers?
Live event entertainment Fundraisers are unique and offer several key elements that can drive your next Fundraiser to increased response and participation, improved public perception, and most of all greater profits, all while eliminating many of the problem areas of product Fundraisers. The common elements that many types of product Fundraising programs have include inventory, distribution, person to person selling, the handling, exchange and collection of money for each product sold, accounting, and often a concern for safety issues.
Another of the key components to The Ultimate Challenge Game Show and live event entertainment Fundraisers is the ability to offer an exciting professional quality family event to the entire community, allowing for greater attendance and the many possibilities for multiple sources of profits. This allows you to take your entertainment Fundraiser to a higher level, yet separating yourself from the typical or product-based sales programs.

And best of all the perception to the public is much more inviting and that of a fun, affordable event to be enjoyed by family, friends and community members. The results of this perception is increased support directly resulting in larger profits.

We’ve Been Producing Successful Events Nationwide Since 1973. Let Our Years Of Knowledge And Experience Work For Your Next Fundraising Event
We have specialized in offering and producing successful shows for audiences nationwide for over 30 years with our national heading entertainment productions. These events have proven to be financially successful as Fundraisers and add media attention, newsworthiness, credibility, and mass-appeal to your Fundraising project, allowing you to host an incredibly profitable and successful Fundraising event on many levels.

Our events have students, family and community appeal and are enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Our professional and exciting productions will allow you to host a truly fun and rewarding live entertainment performance to create a show that will not only meet your expectations, but will become a very memorable event.

Our Simple 3 Step Process Makes It So Easy To Host Our Successful Fundraisers.

Our Custom Detailed Project Kit Guides You Through Each And Every Step From Start To Finish

Our custom Fundraising specialists are available specifically to meet your needs and interests and to work one on one with your committee to create a custom campaign or event. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

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